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New Hebron – by Bill Scott

NEW HEBRON is an historical fiction book written by Bill Scott. It follows the lives of a cast of characters living during the Civil War near the city of Hebron in the State of Mississippi.

A wounded confederate soldier washes up on the shores of the Pearl River in the vicinity of the long forgotten town of Osceola. He is discovered by the fifteen-year-old son of Lorraine Pritchard, whose husband was recently killed near the battle of Vicksburg in 1863. In those days in the South as well as in the North, the loss of a husband and father was a sentence into a life of poverty and despair. Right off, the boy decides the wounded soldier (Corporal Guy Sell) is going to be his new paw, so he takes the soldier home and begins to spin his web of matrimony around the young corporal.

Lorraine Pritchard is a beautiful, 30 year-old, green-eyed redhead who doesn't take to Guy Sell right away, and starts suspecting something when the impoverished corporal from Georgia starts handing out $20 double-eagle gold pieces. She doesn't know it, but when Guy was beached on the shores of the Pearl, he overheard two Yankee thieves in the process of burying a treasure trove of gold they stole from General Sherman's pillaging of the banks in Vicksburg and Jackson. Guy takes the young lad Sam into his confidence and they dig up and rebury the gold, all the while trying to keep the secret from Sam's maw.

The main casts of characters include:

  • Guy Sell – Corporal in the Army of the Confederate States of America
  • Sam Prichard – The fifteen year-old son of Lorraine
  • Lorraine Prichard – A strong woman who had Sam when she was only fifteen years old
  • Purvis Prichard – Sam's eight year-old brother who seems to have mystical powers
  • Buford Simms – The long-time friend of the Prichards who's as big as an ox and married to a squaw woman
  • Walkin Wolf – an old, Choctaw Indian medicine man who helps take care of the Pritchard family
  • Napoleon Girod – A New Orleans aristocratic cotton trader who plays a significant role in the family
  • Priscilla Monteleone – Sam's love interest in New Orleans
Although this book is historical fiction, the author spent a full year researching the Civil War and discovered the real reason for its cause which he hopes will help to repair the race relations between blacks and whites. All of the historical figures that were studied were protrayed around actual events that occurred during that time including John Roy Lynch who became the first black US Congressman from the State of Mississippi. A great deal of the history uncovered has never been taught in schools. The cause of the Civil War was not due to slavery, and the people of the South were no less guilty in the treatment of blacks than those in the North.

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